Redefining Educational Games

We specialized in the creation of online, to the point educational videogames.

Design Pillars


Our games are challenging and multiplayer; we aspire to drive engagement by social comparison.


Progress as you grasp the learning objectives, collectibles, levels, and crafting systems are core elements of our games.


We need to connect with the rest of the world; our games include friends and sharable profiles.​

GramMars Wars

GramMars Wars is our flagship game, an English grammar RPG where you will use your knowledge to defeat an army of aliens.

Collect a team of experiments

The player will be able to collect and build a team of experiments. Through gameplay, he will be able to level-up and evolve them.

Compete against other players

You will be collecting prestige points through being active, use these to compete against other players worldwide, and earn unique rewards.